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Irish Gaelic translation companies

Looking for professional translator? Visit the below list of Irish translation companies:

Irish Gaelic Translation Service - Fast and reliable Irish translation service offering Irish translation services worldwide. Professional Irish translation at the most competitive prices available. Translate English into Irish with Corporate Translation Services - the fastest growing translation company in Dublin, Ireland.
Gaelic Translation Service - Gaelic translation company based in Dublin, Ireland.
Corporate Translation Services - Translation service offering translations into almost 100 languages including Irish Gaelic. Corporate Translation Services is a Professional Translation Service, providing prompt, high quality translations at the most competitive prices available.

The Sandford Language Institute - The Sandford Language Institute was established in 1989 and offers courses in over 30 languages from Europe, Asia, Scandinavia and Africa. We run evening classes together with in - company courses and private tuitions. Our tutors are native speakers and qualified teachers.
DCU Language Services - DCU LS works with translators for most European languages, Arabic, Chinese and Irish. Qualified and experienced, DCU LS translators only translate into their native tongues. They are selected on the basis of their expertise in the field required for the client's document. Translations are constantly monitored to ensure that high quality standards are maintained.

Irish Sayings

Listen to Irish language sayings phrases, learn some of them. Some phrases are free to listen: - Sign up for Gold membership and listen to 464 phrases - Irish love sayings, Irish greetings, Irish numbers and much more.

Scots Gaelic Translation

Pages related to Scots Gaelic:

SaveGaelic - Professional English to Scottish Gaelic translation companies. - Professional translation of engraving text into the original language of the Scots.

Irish translation

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Irish Translation Blogs

Selection of blogs related to Irish translation - tips, suggestions, history of the language and much more:

Gaelic Language Translation - Foreigner's thoughts about Gaelic, Gaelic language and Gaelic translation.
Irish Gaelic Translation and Localisation Blog - Blog about translation and localisation, tips from Irish translation coordinator in a Dublin based company.
Irish Translation Blog - Blog about translation, translating and especially about Irish translation, Gaelic (Irish) translators and Ireland. Irish translation blog dedicated to Irish translation, history of Irish language, Gaelic translation and much more.
Irish Forum - Irish language translations given on this voluntary community site cannot be guaranteed to be correct. Always ask for a second or third opinion, especially for requests for tattoos, wedding rings, etc.
Irish Blog - Irish language blog provided by See the Irish language from the perspective of language gurus.

Irish Dictionaries

Do you need to translate one word? Easy! Use one of the below Irish dictionaries:

English Irish Dictionary
Irish Travel Dictionary - Irish is a language unto it's own, and you'll find it around many parts of Ireland. Of course though, English is the main language spoken. Apart from some slang and heavy accents, you shouldn't have much trouble.
The Aleternative Irish Gaelic Dictionary - Part of the Alternative Dictionaries collection.

Other Irish Websites

Other useful pages in Ireland:

Mortgage Ireland - Get a mortgage quickly in easily. Mortgage in Ireland can be organised easily...
Mortgage Ireland Blog - Blog dedicated to mortgage in ireland - useful advice and plenty of information about mortgages.
Mortgage Ireland - Blog about mortgages, remortgage, debt consolidation, etc.